The New Way to Spring Clean

The saying is true, declutter your home to clear your mind. But Spring cleaning goes way beyond your home and it’s walls, it involves your external spaces, electronic devices and mental space too. So we’ve included our holistic approach to entering a new season...consider it the new way to Spring clean. Try following the steps below to feel fresh as a daisy this season.


1. Wardrobe Clear Out

Let’s start in the bedroom. Physical clutter can add extra baggage literally and emotionally. When your wardrobe is in a shambles, it can lead to longer outfit decision making and leave us feeling defeated before we have even started the day. Pull out the pieces that you never wear or that don’t fit and drop them at your nearest Salvos store or Vinnies for someone else to enjoy. Sort items by category or colour, whatever suits you best and you’ll be excited for getting ready day after day!


2. Routine Reset

Is your current morning routine all over the show, and not resembling much of a routine at all? Start with small steps and changes, and build on them from there. It may be setting your alarm that much earlier to have a few minutes of mindfulness, or drinking warm lemon water before that caffeine hit shocks the adrenals. It could even be taking a few minutes to whiz around the house and tidy things up or getting a brisk morning walk in each day to ground yourself and get those steps up.

The New way to Spring Clean


3. Phone declutter

Our phone can become a major site of clutter in our lives. Go through your camera roll, delete the unnecessary screenshots you thought you would use (hello delicious looking recipes, storage hacks and reno ideas), and clear out some of the many out takes and bloopers we all have gathering electronic dust in our phones. We’re all guilty of this one. Perhaps even get rid of old apps you no longer use. Do what you can to free up memory space, and make your phone easier to navigate. Simplifying will make life that much easier.


4. Car Clean Up

With busy lives on the go, our cars often come become the dumping ground of that spare set of active wear, the more comfortable pair of shoes and the extra swimsuit and towels for when the spontaneous occasion strikes. It can also be the spot where the kids leave their extra toys, food wrappers and dreaded crumbs. Empty the car completely, give it a good vacuum and sort larger items into buckets or boxes in the boot, and organise smaller items like sunglasses in the centre console. It will feel fresh, clean and functional to serve you better.


5. Fridge and Pantry Audit

These are common culprits for hoarding unnecessary and forgotten about goods. Pull everything out and check the labels for goods that are out of date…it’s time for them to go! Want to take things up a level? Decant large packaging, dry ingredients and extra bits and bobs into glass jars or containers, sort them into appropriate groups and label for easy finding later on. It will make meal and snack times so much easier and more enjoyable.

Organised Pantry Spring Clean

Try one or all of these suggestions to start the new Season clearer, fresher and more grounded. There are plenty more things you could do, but start small and slowly add good to the good, and great will grow.