Benefits of Indoor Plants in Your Home

There’s no denying it…whether they are in your living spaces, bedroom or home office, indoor plants are the gift that keep on giving. Not only are they a simple way to add striking aesthetic appeal, but they offer multiple benefits for the health and well-being of you and your family. 

With us spending more and more time at home these days, why not add some extra greenery and reap the multiple benefits they have to give. We’ve run through a few of them below:

1. Better Air Quality for Health and Wellness
Did you know our homes can be brimming with toxic chemicals leaching from cleaning products, vinyl floors, carpets and even paint? That is where our leafy friends step in…plants are known to help detoxify the air of your indoor environment, by naturally filtering toxins while growing and performing photosynthesis. This process reduces volatile organic compounds and increases oxygen to carbon dioxide ratios, for fresher and purer air.

Benefits of Indoor Plants for your home

2. Lower Stress and tension to improve well-being
With the current state of the world, stress levels are at an all time high. Unfortunately, we have all had to face with uncertainty, fear, disappointment, change and extra pressure at work or home, to some degree. Adding plants to your space can help lower the effects stress and fatigue have on our bodies. Studies have proven that plants help lower people’s heart rates, blood pressure and even their respiratory problems. 

3. Increased Productivity and Creativity 
Working from home and home-schooling can feel extra challenging with the multitude of distractions around. However, think about a time you were in nature and how much calmer you felt, now try replicate that by bringing the outdoors in. Green is regarded by colour psychologists as one of the most soothing tones around. If your brain is calm, it will naturally improve your concentration so you can ramp up your productivity. The bright colours and vibrant smells also help stimulate the senses for natural inspiration and a greater work output.

4. Add style and character to your space
Plants add warming earth elements to your home and give you the chance to jazz up a space. They add life and energy to what can be cold or stagnant environments. Style your indoor plants in gorgeous ceramic pots, tall planter stands and textured woven baskets for maximum wow factor. Browse our range of planter pots, stands and baskets online and in-store to find the perfect fit for your home. They will be a source of joy for years to come.

best Indoor plants
Want to know what some of our favourite indoor plants are? We can’t go past mother in law’s tongue, fiddle leaf figs, peace Lillies, Zanzibar gems and hardy aloe vera.

Did you know you can now get plants delivered to your door? Handy plant delivery businesses like Plants in a Box allow green leafy goodness to be delivered to your home without having to find the nearest nursery and struggling to find the perfect plant. Convenience is key.Plants in a Box - plant delivery