The Beach Furniture is a young and vibrant furniture store located on the Gold Coast. We are a family run business, which makes working that much more fun.

We are a family run business, founded in 2010, with a passion for high quality furniture and stylish interiors. With a family of our own, we understand that the home can be both beautiful, inspiring and stylish, and also durable and functional. It is with this in mind, that The Beach Furniture & Accessories was born. Your home is so much more than a collection of rooms, it is the heart of your family where life is lived and memories are made, and we’d love to be part of your journey to create your most authentic space.

Our mission is to create, curate and offer an exceptional range of quality furniture pieces, unique decor and luxe soft furnishings for all your home needs. Our team is a collaboration of talented designers who are inspired by nature and driven to create unique furniture pieces that are full of character and charm. Each piece is handcrafted with natural materials in our factory ensuring the highest quality and that no two pieces are ever the same.    

We have two bautiful showrooms on the Gold Coast and offer delivery to our customers Australia wide. If you’re local, we’d love for you to visit us for an exceptional in-store experience - our talented team members are always open for a chat and able to offer personalised advice to suit your needs, or we are always a simple phone call or email away.

Let us help you bring the outdoors in and create a home bursting with natural character and stories to be told.