What Mother’s Day Means To Us

Imagine coming across this job description, while searching for your ‘dream’ job:

“Full-time carer needed. On call 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Must be okay with sacrificing personal freedom and space for 18-20 years. Must be okay with all natural bodily functions. No paid benefits. Salary and hours non-negotiable.”

Who else would laugh and keep scrolling?!

To our surprise, almost one-third of Australian citizens are currently positioned in a role very similar…. Their job title? Mum.

Mothers sacrifice a lot for the sake of their children’s welfare and wellbeing… Things like: sleep, the backseat of their car, freedom, years of peace and quiet, sanity and let’s not forget the biggest sacrifice a woman makes bringing a little human into the world… their waistline! A mother will feed, bathe and clothe her own children whilst forgetting to even brush her own hair. Nothing is as important as raising these special little people and life becomes so much about them.

Mothers would even go as far as giving their own lives for the lives of their children. These amazing women are our modern superheroes and they should be idolised and appreciated each and every day of the year. However; Since approximately 1914 they have received one recognised day to give their children, husbands, family and loved ones a chance to celebrate their incredible strength and sacrifice… We’re talking about Mother’s Day.

Families come together on this day to celebrate, give gifts and make lasting memories with a woman that has given them so much. A woman who is so selfless, so caring and who loves with all her heart and without judgement. She’s been with you from the start, laughed with you and at you, held you when you cried and picked you up every time you fell down. A woman we all simply call Mum.

The second Sunday of May each year brings a day that has been said cannot be truly measured until every woman becomes a mother herself, a day to remember all the women in our lives who have helped us on our journey and who continue to do so every day. They have shaped and moulded us into who we are and on this one day every year its time to make it all about them.

We’ve been speaking to the team members at The Beach Furniture stores about what Mother’s Day means to each of them… here’s what they came up with.

“To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world.”

“Mum is everything.”

“Mother’s Day means a lovely occasion to celebrate what our Mum has done for us and continues to do !!!! – Simon

Mothers Day means to me… A day to treasure mums all around the country.” – Mick

“It is a special day to celebrate and appreciate my beautiful Mum, who gives me unconditional love and support and to celebrate being a Mum myself, and what a blessing it is!” – Katie

“Mother’s Day is all about saying a big thank you to our Mum and being grateful for them being mums.” – Linda

“It will be my first Mother’s day as a mother myself, to my 7 month old baby boy… I am so thankful to be on the motherhood journey, to have got to experience pregnancy and all the amazing things our bodies can do, and now watching my boy growing and learning every day is truly the greatest gift anyone could ask for… My own mother is my best friend, and truly the best mum I could ever ask for, and now watching her be a Nana for the first time is so special. She is my favourite teacher, I wish I could give her the world for all she does and teaches me.” – Tanika

“I’m so grateful to get to celebrate Mother’s Day for 4 different women. The first woman is my very own mother who is such a beautiful strong mother, a mother that has taught me everything who is kind caring and a great listen. 2nd my Nanny who is like a second mother to me who has taught me about my heritage and what family really means, what loving unconditionally is. The 3rd women I get to celebrate is my mothering law who has taken me on like her own daughter will bend over backwards to make sure I’m looked after, and has a faith that is unbreakable. And last but not least my self I’m eternally grateful that I get to be a mother to cherish my daughter to teach her to watch her grow. It is the most special gift to be a mother, a gift never to be taken for granted. I’m grateful for celebrating Mother’s Day whilst I grow another tiny babe so much to celebrate so many strong women that’s what Mother’s Day is all about.” – Natalie

So make sure that you spoil the special women in your life on their special day and never forget how much each and every one of them has and will sacrifice.

We’ve put together a few gift ideas below that are sure to make Mum’s day!

In the spirit of celebrating Mum, we have also reduced our ‘Small Long Trunk Baskets.’ We know a few Mother’s that would love to have one of these in their coastal styled homes. These trunks can be styled at the foot of a bed, used as a living room coffee table or styled in an entry to create more storage space for shoes and other household items you would prefer to keep hidden.

If you have a nautical or coastal interior loving Mother then consider gifting one of our wire lanterns this Mother’s Day. Reduced to just $35, these lanterns would make a great gift companion, accompanied by a gift voucher, flowers or some chocolates.

If you are still stuck on what to get Mum on her special day, then pop into the stores located at either Burleigh Heads or Bundall on the Gold Coast and allow our team to take you on a tour of our products and give you the opportunity to select and personalise your gift. Your Mum deserves it!