The DINING ROOM with The Beach Furniture

The DINING ROOM with The Beach Furniture

A space for the family, for entertaining guests, for completing work from home… Yes, we are putting the spotlight on dining rooms this week…

As we all know the dining rooms’ main purpose is… dining. So when you’re thinking about designing and furnishing a dining space you need to take the following into consideration:

  • –  The shape & size of the room
  • –  How often will the space be used
  • –  What natural light you have and whether you need to think about adding artificial light (pendant lights etc)
  • –  How many dining chairs you will need
  • –  What is your design style (Hamptons, coastal, nautical etc)You may be thinking that there is no point in putting effort into creating a beautiful and inspir- ing dining space due to young family members… aka the little monsters or space restrictions. No matter the scenario, the stylists here at the beach furniture have you covered…Style does not have to be sacrificed for functionality. Let us tell you how!

How often will the space be used?

Make sure that you think about how often the space will be used and what it will be used for before purchasing any furniture pieces…

Will the space be used purely for entertaining? Will it be used as a part time office?
Will breakfast, lunch and dinner all be enjoyed at the Dining table?

Are family dinners eaten at the dining table?

If young children are in the picture, ensure you choose a dining table that will be easy to clean. Smooth surfaces, stained/sealed timbres will be your best friend. If possible stay away from fabric dining chairs (Some stains you just cannot get out).

If you do a lot of computer work at the dining
table, I would recommend investing in some com-
fortable dining chairs… You will be needing them!
If the duty of hosting weekly/monthly family ‘get-togethers’ falls on you, perhaps a larger dining table such as the ‘Monestary Table’ is the perfect choice. This table can comfortably sit up

to twelve people when required. When a larger table is not being used for occasions such as Christmas, Holidays or other family get-togethers, simply remove 2-4 of the dining chairs and spread them further apart around the dining table to create space and flow within the room.

The Space …

How big is the space you are working with?
A lot of modern homes possess open plan living and dining areas where the style and placement
of other furniture needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing any other pieces. Always handy to measure the space available where you would like your dining table to live. Even better, use masking tape to map out the area and give your- self a visual of how much room the table will take up. If you are lucky enough to have a large dining space, you may need other furniture pieces such
as a buffet/sideboard or console to fill spaces. This will add interest and depth to the room and ensure that there are no empty spaces. It will also mean more space to accessorize and style!

If you are working with a relatively small area, you may want to consider a round dining table. The round edges of the table will create a sense of space and soften the room. Slimline dining chairs instead of bulky fabric dining chairs may also be a better option for you.

Artificial Vs Natural Light

After thinking about the space that you have to work with and how you would like to use the room, there may have to be some thought put into the lighting situation.
If you are working at the dining table, will there be enough natural light during the day and enough lighting to keep you comfortable at night without having to strain your eyes?

There are so many options in regards to lighting… pendants, chandelier or the solution could be as simple as adding a table or floor lamp.

Now… down to the fun part!

Now that you have an understanding of what you need, how often you will use the space and what it will be used for you can start styling!

Remember to take into consideration the colour scheme and style of the rest of your home. Don’t get to hung up on whether or not your dining table or dining chairs aren’t exactly in the style that you would like to decorate. The majority of the styling will be brought in by the accessories and artwork you choose. Remember we are going for style and functionality… not just one or the other.

Here at The Beach Furniture, we have 3 main styles that always keep us inspired … Coastal, Hamptons & Nautical.


If you are trying to bring a ‘Hamptons’ inspired feeling to your dining room, opt for the neutral fur- niture pieces and add depth with a pop of navy. Choose a linen table cloth over a cotton one, as the linen will give the space a very relaxed and lived in look. Pendant lights in wrought iron are also a nice addition to a Hamptons styled dining space.


Creating the ‘coastal’ look in your dining room can be as simple as adding a piece of artwork that features the beach or the ocean… (Shop our collection here). You could also consider sourcing coral décor and be filling the bottom

of clear glass vases with sand & shells. Try to avoid dark or fluorescent colours. This style re- quires soft blues and neutrals.


And of course, Nautical. This style of interior de- sign is something we feel will never go out of style. Simple nautical design can be easily achieved through your décor choices. Starfish, anchorsand navy stripes are all popular trademarks of this style. Set the mood by incorporating 3 of our main senses… sight, smell & sound. Light an ocean scented candle, that can be enjoyed while ad- miring a framed piece of artwork of the sea, while listening to the sound of the ocean (If you’re lucky enough to live by the seaside this would simply mean opening your window… for the rest of us we can enjoy these sounds through an app on our iPhone or laptop or by using a cd player).


If your dining table resides in an open plan living area, you may want to add a rug under- neath the table to really define that ‘zone’. Make sure you choose a flat weave rug as op- posed to a loomed or knit rug… Pulling dining chairs back and forth from under the dining table can cause some rugs to shed or the looms to be pulled (they also make quite the trip- ping hazard… speaking from personal experience). Don’t choose a rug with too much pattern or colour unless you want it to be the main focal point of the entire space. Try to keep things neutral and inject colour through your accessories & artwork choices.

In a smaller space make sure you avoid over-cluttering. Create interest & depth by adding a pop of colour and open up the space by hanging a mirror as opposed to a piece of artwork. Opting for slimline dining chairs will also assist in not making the room look too overcrowded and cramped.

Our final notes

Remember that some of the most important memories shared with the people closest to you will happen in your dining space. Creating a warm and welcoming environment that is stylish and functional will affect the feelings and experience for both you and your guests.

So just remember, no matter the situation you are in…
A family of 12, couple or if you live in a shoebox apartment, you never have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Written by: Sam Goldsmith Photography by: Tanika Blair