Styling An AirBnb With The Beach Furniture

Preparing your property to be used as a rental either privately or through a company such as AirBnb can be a daunting idea, especially if you have no previous interior design or styling experience. But if you have the space to spare, then renting out part of your home or the entire property can be a great way to earn additional income and meet new friends from all around the globe.

We have recently had the opportunity to photograph ‘Stanhill,’ a house located on Chevron Island in Central Gold Coast, just a five minute stroll from the ever popular Surfers Paradise. This home has been furnished and styled taking into consideration things like, location, audience, theme and the general wear and tear of the furnishings used.

Choosing Airbnb gives guests the opportunity to be more relaxed and comfortable in surroundings that feel a little more like home. Staying in a resort or hotel can at times be a little cold and confronting, but opening the door to someone’s much loved house or space can have you feeling at home wherever you go in the world. The features and little touches that truly make somewhere special and inviting are things that you just won’t find in your everyday hotel.

Stanhill was designed and decorated with a ‘Coastal’ theme in mind. The owners wanted to show off the seaside location by styling the home to bring the outdoors in, to intrigue guests into opting for a coastal holiday as opposed to a rainforest retreat. Think simplistic elegance meets rustic beachside. Obviously, here at the Beach Furniture, we are experts in styling coastal interiors and have helped the owners along the way with their furniture, artwork and accessory pieces.

Let us take you on a tour Stanhill room by room and give you a look in on some of the thought processes that may have been used regarding the styling.

Creating a coastal inspired interior means keeping a light and airy, natural colour palette with pops of blues and greens. Minimalistic pieces with maximum appeal. Accessorise the home with treasures that can be found in your natural surroundings. Items such as shells, driftwood and plants.


The Stanhill Airbnb kitchen incorporates neutral finishes with benchtop and cabinetry that allow the feature splashback to shine through. The softness of the blues and greys in the tiles selected create a soothing surface to give this room plenty of coastal appeal. The concrete pendants bring a subtle ambience to the room and with the addition of our very own Café Bar Stools this kitchen is a vision for a modern coastal home. Simple indoor plants are an easy way to bring colour and light to a room.

On a side note… keeping fresh flowers in an Airbnb apartment is also another


The living area is one of the most important rooms in any home. It brings friends and families together to relax and unwind. It can be tricky to style this room and find the perfect balance between comfortable and stylish. It needs to be welcoming and warm whilst still being beautiful. Over cluttering will confuse the feel of the space and take the focus away from any feature pieces. Choosing minimal elements with big appeal will make this room a standout in the home.

Stanhill has done an incredible job styling our Daydream Sofa accompanied by two of our Elonta Occasional Chairs. It’s so important to provide enough seating for guests and their visitors and make the living room open and inviting. The Daydream sofa is one of our best-selling products here at The Beach furniture and we all know why. This unique, cotton blend fabric sofa creates a relaxed and warm look to a space. Simple off-white styled with nautical blue cushions, this sofa is perfectly suited to this coastal abode.

Our Daydream Sofa has a wider frame with little space between it and the floor, so you may have to be careful in your other furniture selections as you do not want to overcrowd the space. By using occasional chairs, such as our Elonta Arm Chairs, that have a slimline structure, and that are elevated from the ground, you are tricking the eyes and creating an illusion that there is more open space then there actually is creating a balanced and enticing look to the area.

Instead of styling a room to ensure there isn’t any empty space left, you want to create zones. This allows guests to identify what every room/open space of the home is used for. Keeping the main sofa away from walls and creating a ‘living room zone’ by adding a rug will also help keep to space open and fresh. It will also keep a nice open walkway between the dining and alfresco areas. With this space in particular, the floating floorboard feature wall will be a lovely conversation piece (or photo opportunity) with visiting guests.

As Stanhill was styled to create a ‘coastal’ feel and intrigue guests and renters seeking a holiday by the sea, the living room was not complete without the addition of some of our very own gorgeous artworks that complement the style of the room and the location of the home (One being our popular ‘Beachside Print‘).  Accessorised with splashes of blue and green, and homeware items from the sea, this living space is a true vision of a Coastal interior.


Alfresco is an Italian term that when defined, translates to ‘in the open air.’ It is only suiting that the outdoor verandah/balcony was styled to allow guests to enjoy the cool ocean breeze while they sip their coffee each morning, or enjoy a wine as the sun sets in the evening.

Our Columbus Dining Chairs were the perfect choice for this space. They’re available both with arms or without and by mixing both they have created the perfect rustic coastal appeal. These unique dining chairs were crafted out of rattan, allowing for both durability as well as an earthy and grounded design feel. The bright white fabric cushion will keep everyone comfortable around the table as they enjoy good food and good times.


It’s important to keep consistent with your styling throughout the home whilst still giving each room its own unique vision and feel. The bedrooms are no exception as we continue on our coastal inspired journey through Stanhill.

Clean, white bedding is a clear favourite for a rented space and always a good idea. It’s easier to maintain as it won’t fade with constant washing or sunlight and is easily styled back with rustic hues and coastal accents.

Bedsides should be practical and subtle so they don’t overpower the rest of the room. White or light timber convey the perfect setting for our comfortable seaside bedroom. You can then accessorise with artwork inspired by the sea and compliment the room further with some matching cushions in shades of blue and green.

If the space allows for it, adding an occasional chair to the bedrooms is also a nice touch. Extra Seating is inviting and complimentary to a room. The owners of Stanhill have chosen our California Chair to be styled in the corner of the Master Bedroom. The honey brown wash coloured rattan frame adds both texture and depth to an otherwise empty and ordinary space.

Whether you are planning on styling your home for rent, or would just like some inspiration on creating a coastal interior, The Beach Furniture can be your one stop shop. We can assist you with everything from furniture for your living, dining and bedrooms, soft furnishings, artwork and accessories. Let us help you create a place that you will be proud to call home.