Styling a Coastal Interior | The Beach Furniture

Is styling a coastal interior your passion? Do you love all things related to the ocean?

The feeling you get as your dip your feet into the fresh salty water, the feeling of the
soft sand between your toes, the smell of the cool wind as it comes off the crystal
clear water?

Who doesn’t?!

Australians, especially all of us in Queensland and on the Gold Coast are incredibly
blessed to be surrounded by kilometres of coastline, where sand meets the sea and we get that feeling of infinite calmness and peacefulness. So it’s natural that we would want to invite that same feeling into our homes and interiors by incorporating aspects of coastal interior styling.

A coastal interior has been known to evoke a sense of relaxation allowing you to
create your own private escape from any unwelcome distractions and the busyness
of the outside world.

Styling A Coastal Interior Featuring the Jefferson Lane Beach House, Gold Coast.


Here at The Beach Furniture, it is quite obvious that we are massive fans of introducing a

beach aesthetic so whether you’re a lover of the beach style interior look or find yourself

longing to recreate that feeling you get as you catch the cool breeze on your skin, we are

here to give you tips and inspiration on how you can incorporate the feeling and aspects

of the sea and a coastal interior into your very own home.

Styling A Coastal Interior Featuring the Jefferson Lane Beach House, Gold Coast.


When creating a coastal interior, it is all about minimalistic colours. White is the key to the

coastal colour palette. Creating a soft base will allow you to make way for decorative

textures and patter in furniture, homewares and accessories, later when it comes to

styling the home To deter from creating a one-dimensional look in your home, layer

multiple different shades of white, beige or cream to create a sandy/beach dunes inspired look.


You also don’t want to get too fancy with other finishes. Try to stay away from silver or gold tapware and cabinetry and opt for matt colours to give a feeling of softness to the home.


It is best to add other more dominant colours through furniture and accessory pieces, allowing the neutral tones to be your consistent theme throughout all of the spaces of your home.


Create depth and warmth to each space with splashes of blue and greens through

homewares and coastal inspired artwork.

Styling A Coastal Interior Featuring the Jefferson Lane Beach House, Gold Coast.


Natural Materials

Natural materials including linen and cotton as opposed to polyester and other man-made fibres are popular to bring natural, warmth and depth into to a coastal home.


Linen sofas, cotton rugs as well as rattan, wicker and seagrass furniture pieces are

welcomed into a coastal inspired home.


Furniture Selections

When creating a coastal styled interior, you want to stick with a soft and neutral colour palette. Think lighter and recycled timbers, weathered or white washed furniture and a combination of fabric and rattan feature pieces.


Linen or cotton slip cover sofas in white or beige are a popular choice in a coastal home.

The fabric introduces a soft, relaxed and welcoming feel to the space. Feather fill in the back cushions will also allow a relaxed and ‘lived in’ look in the coastal home.

Styling A Coastal Interior Featuring the Jefferson Lane Beach House, Gold Coast.


Mis-matched furniture can also be a great option for a coastal home. For example, a

natural timber table with white dining chairs are a popular option and create a sense of

coastal fun.


Incorporate homewares pieces from the sea

The traditional coastal styled homes are minimalistic and are left uncluttered, so keep in

mind the ‘less is more’ rule when decorating each space.


Coral, shells, driftwood, rope, oars and boats are all acceptable for decorating your coastal home.

Centre pieces can be blue, green or white cases filled with dried sticks and foliage. Plants are also

a great way to invite the outdoors in and add a touch of green to your space.

Styling A Coastal Interior Featuring the Jefferson Lane Beach House, Gold Coast.

Artwork pieces featuring the sea and beach scenes, boats and sandy escapes can all be found within a coastal inspired home.

Get the lighting right

This is something that can be, and usually is overlooked when styling a coastal interior. The difference between artificial and natural light can make a huge difference when it comes to the style of your home and the atmosphere you are trying to create.

In a coastal home, you want there to be as much natural light as humanly possible. Large windows, sliding glass doors, skylights and mirrors are all encouraged. If you aren’t in a position to renovate your home, fake it with bright white light globes and an abundance of floor and table lamps to keep the space as light as possible.

Styling A Coastal Interior Featuring the Jefferson Lane Beach House, Gold Coast.


Whether you are creating a traditional coastal look or putting your own personal, contemporary or modern look on a beach cottage style remember that less is more and to opt for as many natural furniture pieces and homeware accessories as humanly possible.