Easter Dining - time to refresh and rethink your dining space


Easter is approaching which is a timely opportunity to rethink and refresh your dining space. It’s a time for family, friends and socializing so if you need help or inspiration to update your dining space, read on.

Your dining table choice will often be determined by the size and footprint of the dining room.

Rectangle dining tables are good for a more formal or traditional choice. Rectangular dining tables are often more suited to  a larger gathering and it can be easier to entertain and serve larger groups around a rectangular shaped dining table. Soften the look of the rectanglur shaped table with a more casual dining chair style, we love to mix and match styles and designs creating a a unique and personal feel.


A circle or oval choice is said to be more relaxed and social by nature. 

Round tables are the best choice for a relaxed setting. Allowing guests to talk to everyone at the table this shape naturally encourages conversation and a social atmosphere. A circle table is also perfect for a smaller, tighter space. From a design perspective it is crucial you make sure your dining table will fir your room. Ideally allow 100 centimeters either side of a wall or flow areas.



For a real show stopping look opt for an oval table. The ultimate entertaining option an oval table is great for large groups and it is easy to add chairs and place setting for those last minute guests!