5 easy ways to update your office

Your office space, whether it is a home office or an office shared among other colleagues, is a place you spend most of your time yet most likely the stylings of this space have been the most neglected.

Does this sound familiar:

You’re working at a hand me down desk, sitting on a chair you borrowed from the lounge room and storing all of your unwanted clutter around you as you try to work.

If you answered yes, why not put a new spin on a space that plays such a big part in your life? Making just a few small key changes can increase productivity, enhance your mood and recreate the entire atmosphere of your home or work office.

If you do work from home, your workspace should feel different than your living and dining spaces to help create a home/work balance. It should be inviting and warm without being distracting. You can easily bring new inspiration and motivation with just a few simple changes. Make it a place you love to be and let the creative juices flow. Here at Beach Furniture, we have come up with 5 easy ways to update your office so why not get started today!

  1. Remove the clutter

A clear space creates a clear mind and minimal objects means minimal distraction. Take a look around your work space and ask yourself, Do I feel at ease here? If the answer is no then its time to start sorting. Organise items into four categories- throwaway, giveaway, keep, relocate. You’ll be surprised how simple this process is and what a difference it can make. Invest in some stylish office furniture that will provide storage options for anything that absolutely must remain. Rather than becoming trapped and overwhelmed by the paperwork that just doesn’t seem to stop, create a filing system that works well for you and keeps you feeling motivated throughout the busy work day.

  1. Work around one key piece that you love

You spend so much time in your office and sitting at your desk, so treat yourself to something that you love. The desk you’ve been lusting after or the chair that invites you to sit your butt down and get to work. A simple piece of art to dress up the wall and inspire creativity. An appealing room is created by layering accessories and smaller furnishings around a classic and durable focus piece. Splurge on a standout item that you can create the rest of your room around. Bring something beautiful, something that will excite and inspire you into your otherwise dreary office space.

  1. Choose calming colours

Many people don’t realise that colours have an enormous effect on us, psychologically, emotionally and sometimes even physically. Darker or vibrant colours can trigger stress or anxiety while lighter shades have the ability to calm and clear your mind. Your office should inspire peace, calmness and clarity. A neutral colour scheme with splashes of blues, greens and whites will create harmonious feelings and thoughts. Smooth light timbers and earthy colours will also promote a grounded warm environment. Surround yourself with the colours of nature and create an environment that provokes calmness and happiness. You will be surprised at the changes you will see both in regards to the work you and doing and how you feel throughout your busy work day.

  1. Add some life

Bring the outdoors in with some tasteful greenery. An easy and inexpensive way to bring your office to life. Breathe in cleaner air and reduce stress levels by adding a touch of nature and bring effortless beauty into your space. Plants have also been known to reduce noise and improve performance and productivity.

Haven’t got a green thumb? By incorporating subtle shades of green to your workplace you will instantly promote a calm and positive work environment… So artificial plants are an option too!

  1. Create a theme

Think of a place/places that you love and add a touch of that to your office. This is a room that you will be seeing everyday so why not turn it into your own escape. Think calming coastal vibes by adding simple stylings in whites, soft timbers and lashings of light blue. Add subtle seaside decorations and modest furnishings to create the ultimate relaxing space. A modern rustic vibe can be easily styled by selecting raw timber pieces and minimal hints of whites and blacks.

Our expert team can help you select and style furnishings and accessories to create your dream office. Visit us here at The Beach Furniture and let us help you create a work space that excites and motivates you everyday!

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